Collectors Editions

Edition of 100
This animation has 5 phases that react to
the price of Ethereum. 50 Editions of this
NFT will be airdropped to the first 50
collectors of ‘The Flowers Project.’

Phases are as follows:
+5% to 10%
+or- 5%
-5% - 10%

About the Project

The Collection

In their physical form, flowers represent a circle of life from seed to growth to eventual bloom and death. In
digital form, these flowers become immortal. Each NFT in The Flowers Project is dynamic; the smart contract
unlocks a new digital lifecycle.

The collection reacts in real-time based on the market value of Ethereum. The smart contract fetches data
to reveal a glitch phase of the original piece when the market is low.

The Artist

NiceDayJules is a multidisciplinary artist enamored with the beauty of the natural world and immersed in pop
culture aesthetics. He has spent his life behind the lens, creating original films, photography, and motion design
for fashion brands, musicians, and tech companies. He's taken to the medium of NFTs to explore the relationship
between humans and the convergence of art and tech. The Flowers Project is a manifestation of his love
of the organic and the beauty of life in all forms.